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Mission statement

· To support the development and implementation of government policies and initiatives in nuclear and related areas, domestically and internationally

· To operate nuclear science and technology based facilities, for the benefit of industry and the Australian and international research community

· To undertake research that will advance the application of nuclear science and technology

· To apply nuclear science, techniques and expertise to address Australia 's environmental challenges and increase the competitiveness     of Australian industry

· To manufacture and advance the use of radiopharmaceuticals which will improve the health of Australians



The Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation (ANSTO) is Australia’s national nuclear organisation and the centre of Australian nuclear expertise. The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Act 1987 (CTH) prescribes its general purpose. The purpose is translated into action through corporate drivers of vision, mission and strategic goals.

Nuclear reactors

ANSTO currently has two nuclear reactors onsite: HIFAR and the new OPAL from

the Argentine company INVAP. HIFAR was  permanently shut down on January 30th, 2007.

OPAL became operational in November 2006 and was officially opened the 20th April 2007.

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) is a statutory body

of the Australian government, formed in 1987 to replace the Australian Atomic Energy Commission.

Its head office and main facilities are in southern Sydney at Lucas Heights.

It also runs the National Medical Cyclotron at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.


Lucas Heights is a suburb in southern Sydney, located 31 km south-west of the Sydney central business district in the Sutherland Shire.

Lucas Heights is located on the Woronora River, which flows north into the Georges River. It is most notable for being the site of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation  (ANSTO) research establishment originally established by the Australian Atomic Energy Commission and home to the historic HIFAR research nuclear reactor. HIFAR was shut down in January 2007 and replaced by the world class OPAL research reactor. OPAL bears leading neutron radiation facilities and attracts international scientists as staff members and many hundreds of user groups.

In the past, the HIFAR reactor was suggested a possible target for terrorist activities. The area is also visible in detail on Google Maps, which caused some concerns regarding its security.

Lucas Heights is the location of a non-nuclear waste management facility, which was for many years a major disposal site for sanitary carters. Some of the full landfills on this site are presently being sequentially redeveloped into a sporting complex containing playing fields for soccer, netball, rugby league and the home of the award winning The Ridge Golf Driving Range.

Menai Sand and Soil, the local landscape supplier, is the only other business located in the area and has been serving the community for  over 20 years.

Lucas Heights is an unusual suburb in that it doesn't contain a residential area. The residential area previously part of Lucas Heights has been renamed Barden Ridge. It was renamed in 1996 to increase the real estate value of the area so it was not instantly associated with the nuclear reactor.

Welcome to Lucas Heights


Lucas Heights was named after John Lucas Senior, a flour miller who in 1823 was granted 150 acres on the 'head of unnamed stream into Georges River'. He built a water-driven mill for grinding corn from the Illawarra farms. Small ships sailed up the coast into Botany Bay, Georges River and Woronora River.

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